2020 Salford Conference


Radical Immersions: Between Virtual/Physical Environments and Information Bubbles. DRHA 2019 Conference Proceedings. London: DRHA & University of Greenwich.


Book of Abstracts DRHA2014 Paperback – 28 Oct 2014

The DRHA2014 publication includes groundbreaking academic papers and well-known speakers and a series of installations and exhibitions. The “book of Abstract” publication for the DRH2014 conference showcase up-to-date discussions, dynamic debates, innovative keynotes and experimental performances and aims to open a discussion on defining digital communication futures, as a theme that connects interdisciplinary practices, focusing particularly on issues of communication and its impact on creative industries.

Exhibitions & Performances DRHA2014

Communication Futures: Connecting interdisciplinary design practices in arts/culture, academia and the creative industries. Site-Specific projections, Exhibitions, Installations in and around the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich Maritime campus. This catalogue includes exhibits related to practice-based research in performance and arts. Delegates presenting theatrical performances or an installation.