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Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts

For the last 25 years the UK-based DRHA has offered a platform for exploring the digitisation of cultural activity, from museum curation to the performing arts and cultural management. Berlin as the 2021 conference location allows for an exciting comparative encounter between different approaches to digital innovation and artistic practice and for the building of new networks and collaborations between Germany,  the UK, and further afield. 

Excellence Cluster Matters of Activity

The host of DIGITAL MATTERS is the Excellence Cluster Matters of Activity, a multi-disciplinary research hub based at the Humboldt University Berlin. In more than 40 research projects, the Cluster investigates the tension between embodied and digital spheres and forges new passages into a culture of materials that operates at the crossroads between technology, natural sciences and the humanities.

The conference is also supported by the EXC 2020 Temporal Communities, a research center at the Freie Universität that reconceptualizes global literatures across various cultural and historical contexts and that champions a focus on innovative approaches in the digital humanities.

The Organizers

Dr. Lindsey Drury (Excellence Cluster 2020 Temporal Communities, Freie Universität Berlin), Dr. Christian Stein (Excellence Cluster Matters of Activity and gamelab.berlin, Humboldt University) and Dr. Ramona Mosse (a current Volkswagenstiftungs-Fellow at the Excellence Cluster 2020 Temporal Communities, Freie Universität Berlin) are convening DIGITAL MATTERS and together join their expertise in computer gaming, VR in cultural curation, intermedial theatre and performance practices and environmental criticism.