Program DRHA 2021

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Timetable DRHA 2021

September 5 – 7, 2021, Heilig-Geist Kapelle Berlin/ /Humboldt University Berlin

Please note: all times are CET.


Sunday, 5 September

SESSION 1 – Lecture Hall / Hörsaal 202



11:30 – 12:00



Registration and Digital Meet & Greet on


12:00 – 12:30




Susan Broadhurst (Chair, DRHA Standing Committee)

Wolfgang Schäffner, (EXC Matters of Activity, HU Berlin)

Lindsey Drury, Ramona Mosse, Christian Stein (DRHA 2021 Organisers)



12:30 – 14:00


“Just Enough for the City”

Keynote by Nashin Mahtani & Etienne Turpin (anexact office)



– Intermission: Drinks & Nibbles-







Stream A- Seminar Room 22

Stream B – Seminar Room 125

Stream C Chapel



14:30 – 16:00




Anthropocene Across Media Borders

Moderator: Anastasios Maragiannis (University of Greenwich)


Wolfgang Schäffner (Humboldt U.) – From Digital Humanities to Material Humanities (digital)


Jørgen Bruhn (Linnaeus U.) – Intermedial Ecocriticism (f2f)

Niklas Salmose (Linnaeus U.)- Future Food Cultures (f2f)






Social Movements, Digitality & Interconnectivity


Vítor Blanco-Fernandez (U. Pompeu Fabra)- Silicon Realism (digital)


Ruth Schmidt  (Ruhr-U. Bochum) – Digitality from Below (digital)


Annabel Castro/ Genoveva Castro (U. Autonoma Metropolitana /Southern Connecticut State U.) – Literature textiles from the desert borderlands (digital)




Scene, Atmosphere & Architecture

Moderator: Gauti Sigthorsson (University of Roehampton)


Mary Anderson & Richard Haley (Wayne State U.) – Dancing Scenographic Materials (digital)


Elaine Bonavia, Alexandre Mballa-Ekobena, Douny Laurence, Jessica Farmer, Nikolaie Rosenthal, Mareike Stoll, Charlett Wenig & Karola Dierichs (Weißensee School of Art & Design) – Augmented Spinning (digital)


Paula Guzzanti/John D’Arcy (U. of Malta/ Queen’s U. Belfast) – Pathways: The Futurity of Pedestrian Movement in the Maltese Islands (f2f)



– Intermission: Drinks & Nibbles-














Stream A – Seminar Room 22


Stream B – Workshop Room 125


Stream C – The Chapel


Stream D – Lecture Hall/ Hörsaal 202


16:15 – 17:45




Animal Extinction & Interspecies Encounters

Moderator: John A. Nyakatura (Humboldt University Berlin)


Krista Caballero/Frank Ekeberg (Bard College/ Independent) – Birding the Future (digital)


Lily Hunter Green (Independent) – Silencing the Virus (digital)


Eduardo Abrantes (Roskilde U.)- Wild Arrangements (?)




DATURA – Remnants, Ashes, Relics


John Mitchell, Holly Smith, Ben Braman and Tony Obr

 (Arizona State University)



Decolonization Workshop Series


Moderator: Lindsey Drury (Freie Universität Berlin)


Part I. Clémentine Deliss:

“Academic Iconoclasm as Decolonial Method”



Agency in the Anthropocene

Moderator: Olu Taiwo (Winchester University)


Christoph Müller, Eva Jägle (U. of Vienna/philomation) – de-marginalization: agential mattering of the virtual (f2f)


Antje Budde (U. of Toronto) – Cutting Edge(s) (digital)


Daniel Larlham (Independent) – Cancel the Apocalypse (digital)




– Intermission: Drinks & Nibbles-










SESSION 4 – Lecture Hall / Hörsaal 202



18:00 – 19:30



“Performing Planetarity: Feminist With A Drone”

Keynote by Joanna Zylinska (King’s College London)



19:30 – 21:00



Drinks Reception & Installation Opening in Courtyard & on


With works by:

Pita Aerrola-Burns, Elliott Burns, Jason Isolini (Offsite Arts Project /Art Institute Chicago)

Selene Citron & Luca Lunardi (Citron/Lunardi)

Darcy Gerbarg (DVI Ltd)

Irini Kalaitzidi (Goldsmiths)

Brisa Mp (Biónica)

Sara Pini/Melissa Ramos/Jestin George (University of Southern Denmark/ Dance Cinema/University of Technology Sidney

Ella Raidel (NTU Singapore),

António Báia Reis (University of Porto)

Antony Weir (Goldsmiths)








Monday, 6 September




9:30 – 10:00



Registration, drinks & snacks, digital breakfast hour on





Stream A – Seminar Room 22

Stream B  Work Room 125

Stream C – The Chapel

Stream D – Lecture

       Hall / Hörsaal 202

Installations – Room 23 


10:00 – 11:30




Performing the Moving Body in Virtual Reality


Moderator: Christian Stein (Humboldt University)


Leonie Rae Gasson  (Independent)– Queering VR (digital)


Thomas Lilge  (HU Berlin) – Motion research at a standstill (f2f)


Zelia Zz Tan (City Contemporary Dance Co., Hong Kong) – ID Transfer in future dance VR (digital)




Decolonisation Workshop


Moderator: Lindsey Drury (Freie Universität Berlin)


Part II.  Session with Nashin Mahtani & Etienne Turpin





Decomposing Matters

Moderator: Robert Stock (HU Berlin)


Joella Kiu (Singapore Art Museum) – Sharing With, Becoming With (digital)


Diana Lengua & Irene Pipicelli (Goldsmiths/U. of Turin). Non Fungible & Fungible Waste (digital)


Andy Weir (Goldsmiths/Arts University Bournemouth) – Pazugoo, Demonic Personification of Nuclear waste (f2f)



The Politics of Social Media

Moderator: Torsten Jost (FU-Berlin)


Hsiu-Ju Stacy Lo (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung U.) – What does it “Meme”?: (digital)


Shweta Khilnani  (U. of Delhi) – East Asian Home Vloggers (digital)


Rimi Nandy  (Adamas University) – The “network”-ed Anthropocene (digital)


VR Installations in Room 23



– Intermission with drinks & nibbles –





Stream A– Seminar Room 22

Stream B – Workshop Room 125

Stream C- The Chapel

Stream D – Lecture Hall / Hörsaal 202

Installations – Room 23 


12:00 – 13:00



Lecture Performance:

The Cults

Moderator: Gauti Sigthorsson (University of Greenwich)


Dani Ploeger (CSSD) (f2f)





Unwhorld – A Hybrid Provocation


Mari Bastashevski, Sam Lavigne, Matti Pretolani, Clemens Driessen, Int Studio and a rout of garden snails (EPFL/NTNU/Wageningen Universities/University of Texas at Austin) (hybrid)




Queer Phenomenologies

Moderator: Nina Tolksdorf (FU Berlin)


T.J. Bacon, Emma Dick & Peter Thomas (Middlesex University) (digital)




Indigenous knowledges & immersive technologies


Moderator: Olu Taiwo

(Winchester University )


Chiara Minestrelli & Matteo Dutto (London College of Communication/ Monash University)   Indigenous Futures (digital)


Elizabeth Swift (University of Gloucestershire)- Narratives of the Future (f2f)




Sculpture, VR and Video installations on site and on






13:00 – 14:00




Digital Installation Q&A on


Publication Information Session

“Workshop” – Seminar Room 22

 “The Nuts and Bolts of Academic Publishing”

 Laura Hussey, Routledge (digital)




SESSION 7 – Lecture Hall / Hörsaal 202



14:00 – 15:00



Designing Resilience – On A Third Culture with Many Transitions Keynote by Claudia Mareis (EXC Matters of Activity, Humboldt University Berlin)

Moderator: Anita Traninger (Co-Director EXC Temporal Communities, Freie Universität Berlin)



– Intermission with drinks & nibbles –

















Stream A – Seminar Room 22

Stream B – Workshop Room 125

              Stream C – The Chapel

  Hörsaal 202 & Room 23



15:30 – 17:00




Mixed Reality Theatres


Annette Balaam (Bristol U.) – Virtual Beckett (digital)


Neíll O’Dwyer, Paul O’Hanrahan, Matthew Moynihan & Aljosa Smolic (Trinity College Dublin) – MR  Ulysses (hybrid)


Cordula Quint (Mount Allison University) – Of Transhumanism and the Poetics of the Senses (digital)




Gaming and the Sensorium

Moderator: Susan Broadhurst


Nathan Bitgood (Texas A&M University)-Who Hacks the Hackers? (digital)


Lino Strangis (C.A.R.M.A.) – Multimedia and interactive installations as scenic devices (f2f)


John Toenjes (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) – VR Dance Adventure Game (f2f or digital)




Water As Medium

Moderator: Ramona Mosse (Freie Universität Berlin)


Anna Street/ Kamila Mamadnazarbekova (Le Mans Université /Sorbonne Université) Performing Water (digital)


Sebastian Schwesinger/Robert Stock (Humboldt University)- Sounding Out the Anthropocene Ocean (f2f)


Followed by Roundtable





Sculpture, VR and Video installations on site and on










– Intermission with drinks & nibbles –


17:00 – 18:00                                                                                              Room 23: VR Session – Aljosa Smolic (Trinity College Dublin)




SESSION 9 – Lecture Hall /Hörsaal 202


18:00 – 19:30



Performing Survival: Rethinking Interdisciplinarity and Adaptation Through Beckett in VR

Keynote by Nicholas Johnson & Aljosa Smolic (Trinity College Dublin)






Conference Dinner

& Digital Conference Speed-Dating on











Tuesday, 7 September




9:00 – 9:30



Registration, drinks & snacks, digital breakfast hour on





Stream A – Seminar Room 22

Stream B – Workshop Room 125

Stream C – The Chapel

Installations – Hörsaal 202 & Room 23


9:30 – 11:30




Zoom Theatres


Marcel Kieslich (Mozarteum University) – Sympoietic Atmospheres (f2f)


Maria Combatti, Nicoletta Damioli and Lucina Hartley-Koudelka (Columbia U. / U. of Paris 8 /Independent) – The Travesty of Performance: A Zoom Artist Residency in the Pandemic Era (digital)


Alice Breemen (University of Amsterdam) – Pandemic Dramaturgy (digital)


Lin Chen (University of Exeter)- Negotiating Liveness /Online Theatre (?)



Sonic Environments

Moderator: Susan Broadhurst


Holly Maples (University of Essex)- Walking into history/audio walks (f2f)


Chris Moffet (Columbia University) – Gestural Listening (digital)


Adam Pultz Melbye, Paul Stapleton and John Bowers (Queen’s U. Belfast) The Virtual is Material : Music improvisation in post-digital ecologies (hybrid)


Hongliang Zhou (Zhejiang University) – Narratives, Performances and Rituals in the Chinese Theatre of Cai Lun (digital)



Digital Mapping


Oliver Dawkins, Duncan Hay &  James Smith (University College London/ University College Cork)- Mapping Anthropocene (digital)


Gabriele Colombo, Liliana Bounegru & Jonathan Gray (Politecnico Milano/King’s College London) – Mapping Amazonian Rainforest fires (digital)


Raquel Caerols-Mateo & Francisco Cabezuelo-Lorenzo (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) – Mapping Brain Activity (f2f)


Rachel Hill (UCL) –Digital Worldbuilding and Exoplanetary Affects in the Anthropocene (digital)




Sculpture, VR and Video installations on site and on





– Intermission with drinks & nibbles-



SESSION 11 – Lecture Hall /Hörsaal 202




12:00 – 13:30



“The Nonhuman in Artistic Practice & Research”

with Kim Albrecht (Potsdam University/Harvard Media Lab), Siobhan Leddy (FU Berlin) & Annette Jael Lehmann (FU Berlin/Harvard Media Lab)

Moderator:  Johannes Birringer (Brunel University London)



13:30 – 14:30



Lunch  & Digital Conference Speed-Dating  Part II on
















Stream A – Seminar Room 22

     Stream B – Seminar Room 125

Stream C – The Chapel

Installations – Hörsaal 202 & Room 23



14:30 – 16:30



Performance in the Pandemic

Moderator: Ramona Mosse (FU-Berlin)


Ann-Christin Simke (U. of Bern), Sascha Förster (Theatermuseum Düsseldorf) and Raimund Rosarius (LMU) – Going to the Theatre (digital)


Vincenzo del Gaudio (Universitá di Salerno) – Dance of Silence: Covid 19, lockdown and new forms of liveness in Italian digital performance (?)



Dancing Beyond the Human

Moderator: Alexander Schwan (FU-Berlin)


Johannes Birringer (Brunel) – Somatechnics and Dis/ability (digital)


Jeannette Ginslov and Daniel Spikol (London South Bank U./ U. of Copenhagen) – Deep Flow (?)


Julia Abs and Lucas Lacaz (U. of Sao Paolo/Agencia A13) – Compost Choreography (digital)



Fragments, Time & Futurisms

Moderator: Nina Tolksdorf (FU Berlin)

Maria Kyrou (Aristotle U. of Thessaloniki)- Hybrid specimens (f2f)


Camila Mangueira, Fabrício Fava & Miguel Carvalhais  (University of Porto) – Found shellsGeomedia Art Project (digital)


Jaya Yadav (U. of Delhi) – Army as the Anthropocene (f2f)


Jueling Hu (U. Amsterdam) – Beyond the Anthropocene: Posthuman-Environment Continuum in Chinese Futurism (digital)




Sculpture, VR and Video installations on site and on



– Intermission with drinks & nibbles –







Stream A – Seminar Room 22

Stream B   Seminar Room 125

Stream C – The Chapel

Installations – Hörsaal 202 & Room 23


17:00 – 18:30




Visualising Data in Artistic Practice


Christian Riegel and Katherine Robinson (University of Regina) –Covid Distancing and the Creation of Data Art (digital)


Toni Sant & Enrique Tabone (U. of Salford) – Visualizing Scientific Data (digital)


Sarah Thomasson (Victoria University Wellington) – Festival Networks (digital)




Artificial Becomings


Gabriella Giannachi (University of Exeter) – Living with AI -Revisiting Lynn Hershman Leeson’s Agent Ruby (2002)  (digital)


Tivon Rice (University of Washington) – Environmental Literacy (digital)


Duman, Heerden and Bas (Bogaziçi U./ Koç U./Marmara U.) – Binary Selves, Endless Becomings: Datafiction and Emancipation in ‘AI -When a Robot Writes a Play’ (digital)




Reframing Immersion

Moderated by Anastasios Maragiannis (University of Greenwich)


James Harper  (De Montford University) – An Argument for Reflexive Hypermediacy (f2f)


Ethan Edwards  (Nokia Bell Labs) – The Veil (f2f)


Anne Dion (Ryerson University) – Warping the Unthinkable (f2f)




Sculpture, VR and Video installations on site and on



18:30 – 19:15


Lecture Hall / Hörsaal 202

An Outlook on DRHA 2022 presented by Anastasios Maragiannis

Conference Closing