Call for Posters: DATA ACHE


We welcome posters that respond to the conference theme of “Data Ache” by exploring the effect and affect, implication and application of data in the digital arts and humanities. We are particularly interested in posters that introduce and represent practice-as-research projects.

Your poster may include any combination photographs, graphics and text. It should:

  • Look lively, interesting and/or inspiring;
  • Present new ideas or present a new application of technology;
  • Clearly explain your topic and its significance;
  • Address the conference theme of DATA ACHE;
  • Describe a project that is ongoing or near completion, not one that is yet to start.

For printed posters, the standard poster size of DIN A0 841mm wide x 1189mm high is the minimum size. It is recommended that a printed poster be no larger than 900mm wide and 1900mm high.

If you are using photographs, graphics and pieces of text, these should also fit within the area of 900mm wide and 1900mm high.

Submission should be in PDF format and High Resolution (300dpi minimum)

Presenters of a poster will be expected to be present on Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 September 2017 in order to explain and discuss their poster and to hand out any leaflets, or other information materials that they have available. All presenters must register and pay appropriate fees for the conference.

A jury from the DRHA Standing Committee will review all submissions and decide which posters will be accepted.

Please note that the call for papers, workshops and performances has already closed.

How to Submit:

Please submit your poster using the poster guides to drha2017@gmail.com.

We can only consider completed PDF posters (not proposals).

In your email, please provide a 200 word biographical statement, including details of any institutional/academic affiliation.

The deadline to receive your poster is 17 July 2017. After the deadline, posters will no longer be accepted.

You may only submit a single poster to the conference.


17 July 2017
Deadline for receipt of posters by email


24 July 2017
Conference organisers will inform applicants of the final decision of the DRHA Standing Committee.


31st July 2017

Early Bird Registration Closes

1st September 2017

Late Registration Deadline


10th–13th September 2017

Conference (poster sessions take place on 11 and 12 September)