DRHA 2015 || Dublin City University, IRELAND


Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts
Digital World. Digital Responses

Local conference website: http://www.drha2015.ie/

Local conference twitter: https://twitter.com/drha2015

The DRHA Conference has for almost two decades sought to interpret, define and explore the relationships between computing, the arts and humanities and wider society. Building on this rich heritage of intellectual, academic, creative and artistic engagement Dublin City University is proud to be hosting this year’s DRHA 2015. Ireland is a place of enormous cultural and intellectual resonance around the world and our country and our city have helped to define our conference. Ireland projects itself globally through art, literature, history and politics (amongst many other things) and these have influenced the conference theme. DRHA Dublin 2015 has set five ‘grand challenges’ for our varied and interlocking communities.

Resolving Conflict | Cultural Freedom | Urban Living | Climate Change | Healthy Societies

The contemporary digital world is most often associated in the media and by the public as a world defined and led by scientific discovery and medical advance. DRHA recognises and indeed welcomes the role of science; it is after all the basis of computing. However, this conference proposes to view our real world as an environment to which the humanities and arts have of themselves valid and exciting responses to make.

DRHA Dublin 2015 acts in the digital world by responding thoughtfully and creatively to that world. Sometimes human progress is best captured in the literal study of being human. Often the most powerful statements are those that are purely creative acts. DRHA Dublin 2015 will be at the heart of how the humanities and arts interact with their difficult but affirming world.